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Residency Specialty Spotlight: Psychiatry

May is National Mental Health Month, which provides an excellent opportunity for foreign medical students and graduates to consider a U.S. residency program in psychiatry If you are interested in working with patients who struggle with mental health conditions, a psychiatry residency can be a great option. Becoming a Psychiatrist As a psychiatrist, you would

Deciding Who to Ask for Letters of Reference

The ERAS application opens on June 6, which is less than two weeks away! Although you still have the whole summer to get your application components together, you need to start thinking about everything you will need to do over the next few months. That includes brainstorming ideas for your personal statement and updating your

Developing and Updating Your CV: A Guide for Foreign Medical Students

The words “curriculum vitae” are Latin for “course of life,” and that translation certainly rings true for medical students. Over the course of your medical career, you will need to constantly update your CV as your professional career evolves. That way, you will always have it ready to go when you need it. The Basics

Planning Out Your Personal Statement: The First Step of the Writing Process

As the start date for the 2018 ERAS application process draws near -- mark your calendar for June 6! -- it is important to start thinking about the application components you will need to start putting together. Earlier on the blog, we talked about starting the ECFMG certification process, which is essential for foreign medical

Understanding the Requirements for ECFMG Certification

As a foreign medical graduate, the most significant difference between your residency application process and that of an American student is the requirement for certification by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). This organization was founded in 1956 with the goal of ensuring that foreign medical students who enter ACGME-accredited programs in the

Tips for Foreign Medical Residency Applicants: Plan Ahead

In less than a month, the medical residency application process for 2018 is going to get underway. If you are a foreign medical student or medical school graduate planning to apply for a residency program in the United States in 2018, one of the best things you can do right now is to get a

Residency Specialty Spotlight: Anesthesiology

  Pain management is a hot topic in the field of health care right now. If you are interested in dedicating your career to the safe and effective use of pharmacological therapy for patients during and after surgical procedures, you might want to consider pursuing a residency in anesthesiology. About Anesthesiology As an anesthesiologist,  you

Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment Settings: What’s the Difference?

If you are a foreign medical student thinking about applying to residency programs in the United States, one of the questions that you may be considering is the relative amount of time you will spend in inpatient and outpatient care settings. For the three specializations most commonly pursued by foreign medical graduates -- internal medicine,