Telemedicine rotations are now available for both medical students and graduates!

Foreign students and graduates looking to obtain US clinical experience are facing new challenges, from travel bans to various COVID-19 restrictions. Telemedicine has quickly become essential during the pandemic to keep patients safe from the spread of the virus via social distancing. However, it also presents an opportunity for foreign students and graduates to get clinical experience and letters of recommendation (LORs) remotely.

For those who are abroad, the telemedicine option translates to significant savings in both travel and accommodation expenses. Even during these unprecedented times, it remains vital to get the experience and respective U.S. LORs to present when applying for U.S. residency placement.

Let us know if we can accommodate you with a remote/telemedicine rotation today!

3 Month Telemedicine Plan (3-TEL)

The 3-Month Plan, our most popular telemedicine rotation plan, gives you a significant amount of U.S. clinical experience with 3 different attending physicians within the same specialty (or its sub-specialties). You will obtain the 3 separate letters of recommendation from your attending physicians.

Flexible Telemedicine Plans (FLEX-TEL)

If you don’t have the time to complete 3 to 6 month telemedicine rotations but still want to strengthen the weight of your residency application, our FLEX Plan is for you! It allows you to plan telemedicine rotations around your schedule. Please contact us today in order to learn about all of our telemedicine opportunities.

Triple Play Telemedicine Program (3/3-TEL)

FMG Portal’s Triple Play™ Telemedicine Rotation Plan will allow you to gain invaluable experience in 3 different specialties during a 3-month period. You will be placed with 3 different attending physicians, earning a letter of recommendation in each specialty. The Triple Play™ is based on availability. Early enrollment will result in more location and specialty options.

FMG Portal's Best Value - 3 Month/3 LOR Plan

Our most recommended and efficient plan, FMG Portal’s Triple Play™ will maximize a 3 month externship experience by placing you with 3 different Attending Physicians, yielding 3 Letters of Recommendation. You may also opt to gain experience in up to 3 specialties during this time. The Triple Play™ is based on availability. Early enrollment will result in more location/specialty options.

Medical Student Electives

FMG Portal also provides invaluable US Hands-On Clinical Electives/Clerkships for foreign medical students and have been working a with a large array of foreign universities worldwide.

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3, 6, and 12 month discounted comprehensive packages.